Friday Jamboree: Web Journalists and Abandoned Amusement Parks

Hey everyone. Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty busy week. First of all, I broke my computer this week by splashing water on it, so yeah… I’ll still be active as much as I can be. I’ve given away my computer for it to be serviced, so hopefully it’ll be fine by the next week! If not, there are computers in the dorm. Here are your Friday links!

I found Claudette Tilder on April Fool’s Day. Absolutely genius, don’t you think? A Skype babysitting service!

The Private Lives of Web Journalists is pretty funny. I might be like this some day!

Apparently, Saturday is World Pillow Fight Day.

British songwriter Phildel grew up without music in her life.. Now, she makes “otherworldly music.”

Abandoned amusement parks are still cool.

I am so excited for Arrested Development to come back!

This week, I read The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred. It was a good romance book, but I kind of hated the main character. You can read my review here.

I read Bionic Man this morning. A really thoughtful essay about fathers.

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s home is pretty fun.

60 Tiny Love Stories.

I love Susannah Breslin’s sequel to “Why You Shouldn’t be a Writer,” “Why You Should be a Writer.”

This week for Dulwich OnView, I wrote about a new exhibit at SS65, in which sewing machines seem like creatures.



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