Friday Jamboree: Puppies and Cartoons

Happy Friday! This week involved lots of writing, watching Shameless, and reading Jeffrey Eugenides… as well as trying out new food, such as lamb tangine, and visiting with friends like Kelsey and Teikyo. Look!


Anyway, here are some of this week’s links, as well as a Youtube video of The Kooks covering MGMT!

11 Incredibly Important Photos Of A Baby Covered In French Bulldog Puppies. I love how they are “incredibly important.”

Yesterday, I finished Jeffrey Eugenides’ new book, The Marriage Plot. I liked it, but I also didn’t like it. Definitely not as good as “Middlesex.” 4 stars all the same, though!

I really enjoyed reading these crazy theories about kids’ cartoons.

I’m sure you want to see NASA’s original want ad for astronauts.

Woah. We’re getting closer to making 3-D models of food.

These 20 productivity tips were really interesting. I’ve started keeping a clean inbox and using it as a to-do list, too!

Listen to the surface of the Earth transposed on vinyl record.

I can’t wait for the new Great Gatsby movie. Here’s something to tide me over: the A Book by its Covers.

This week for Dulwich OnView I wrote about the production “You and Me,” Paul Gildea and exhibits at GX Gallery.

And here are The Kooks, singing “Kids” by MGMT!



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