Gratitude for America & Independence Day Playlist



Okay, I have to make a confession: I’m not overly patriotic. I’m not a history buff. The most I do on the Fourth of July is wear red, white and blue and try to make it to the town’s firework display – and this year, thanks to Subway, I couldn’t even do that. But I would like to take a little time to recognize how well we have it here in America.

Every week, I read about the hardships that other countries are facing. And I think, “How lucky am I? How lucky are we?”

So, I urge you to drop all cynicism about where this country is heading, and to be thankful for everything that we Americans have that other countries don’t. Because our founding fathers, on this day in 1776, made it all possible.

i’m thankful for:

  • The many Americans who served and/or continue to serve our country in the military by fighting in wars that win us and others freedom.
  • The tolerance – racial, gender, religious – that Americans exhibit every day. (Think about all the beautiful things that people have done to exhibit their tolerance, rather than the terrible things that are more heavily broadcasted, i.e. Westboro Baptist Church).
  • The chance you and I have to pursue our dreams, our own versions of happiness; to live where we want to live; to eat what we want to eat; to say what we want to say.
  • The sheer peace that we have in this country, compared to others. Sure, we have riots here, but do we have civil wars? I think not.
  • My family – that they are safe and loving and free.
  • The right to vote. With the big presidential election coming up in November, this is an important one!
  • The beauty I see everywhere, every day, in this country – in gracious people and in simple yet breath-taking views.

While contemplating what you’re thankful for on this day, listen to my Independence Day playlist on Spotify. It starts off with some classics (Marvin Gaye and Kid Rock) and then dives into some of my indie favorites (Animal Collective and Radiohead, to name a few).

Enjoy, and share with me what you’re thankful for today in the comments below!



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