Happy Fourth of July!

Hello everyone!

I planned today to make an honorary picture post for Fourth of July. Sadly, my camera zoinked out on me before it got dark, so I couldn’t take pictures of the fireworks! I do, however, have pictures from the picnic dinner I shared with my friend Marriah. It was such a beautiful evening. After eating, at around 7:30 we moseyed on to their boat (!) and, as they live on the harbor, simply chugged into the waters of the beach ,where the fireworks were being held. “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” commenced, especially with all the children there! I had so much fun & am so thankful to have had this opportunity!

Above is Marriah, happily posing for the picture. Her family is the one that hosted the picnic. Notice the cute painted chair! Everything about their yard is cute – they even had a hammock on which we could lie down & relax. Perfect!

In their backyard, they had this tree. It was humongous! It was also eerily tilted towards where the tables and chairs were. At first, I questioned it – AKA I asked “Is this tree going to fall on me?” The answer was no. So I figured, why not climb on it? It was an easy climb and a good excuse for a photoshoot while my camera was still working!

Here, Marriah and I pose in the same tree! Her mom took this picture for us with the sun in the background. Very cute! I also realized when I looked at this picture that we both have really long hair! And we’re proud!

There was a wooden swing by the area where the tables and chairs were, and the boys took turns trying to ride it. As you can see, it’s very close to the ground, so Aaron (Marriah’s younger brother; I think he’s 16 now) experimented with it. The above is the result. (Plus, I like the garden gloves – so he doesn’t get rope burn! Stylish dude!)

And here is an honorary picture of my feet. I took my own advice in this week’s How to Be Magical and got a pedicure! The dark cranberry color looks great, and I’m so glad that my nails are (finally) trimmed! Summer’s looking better already!

How was your Fourth of July? Comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks all,
~ Allie



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