Friday Jamboree: Mermaids & Zombies

Hi everyone! This is a new segment on my blog about the Internet’s recent hoopla, bric-a-brac, hubbub, or what have you. I chose the word “jamboree” because it conveys celebration and merry-making, which is more or less what I’m doing here. Basically, every Friday I will be sharing my favorite links.

  • “Isn’t it weird when you get to know enough about someone that you could blackmail them for life?” starts Almie Rose in a blog post called What We Don’t Tell. While this post may be a serious reflection on why people gossip about their relationships, it is also extremely hilarious.

  • I mentioned Sarah Wilson in my last post about indecision. I’ve been following her updates for about two years, and she always has the most interesting interviews and insights. In this post, she talks about using your body to make decisions. It sounds hard! She and I both think we should know ourselves better, whether it be our mind or our body. It’s a great read, with quotes by Canetti and Maimonides interspersed throughout.

  • Okay, so I don’t really want to see Snow White and the Huntsmen. But this post by Laura Kadner of Gumdrop Lane made me laugh out loud. “If [Charlize Theron] can look amazing and evil in a big bowl of yogurt, I can only imagine her in motion.” Fantastic! And a hilarious nod to Kristen Stewart trying to pull off the “pants-under-skirt look.” It never worked for you, girl!

  • I love Stephen King. Really, he inspired me to write. I reread his book On Writing pretty much every year. I already sound obsessive, but this is not mentioning the collection of Stephen King books my Mom hoards downstairs, which steadily grows larger every year, because, let’s face it, Stephen King has cracked some code for writing books. Either that, or he’s on crack. EITHER WAY – this post tells you how to become a frighteningly good writer, like Stephen King.

  • I think Gala Darling was the first blog I followed. Watching her change as a blogger over the past three (four?) years has been amazing. This Thursday, in her segment called TILT (Things I Love Thursday), she shares five life lessons that, in my opinion, everyone should know.

  • Rohin Guha shares an ode to all the ladies in his life. It’s touching, and beautiful, and kind of a whole life story that starts and ends with gratitude. Well-written, too!

  • You must must must see Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal. It’s quite hilarious, as sixty odd people dance around to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” Very hipster, very indie, very hilarious. No one is surprised that this took place in Portland, right?

  • Have you ever wished that one of your favorite cartoon characters could be real? Was that cartoon character ever Ariel from the Little Mermaid? If that’s the case, then you’re in for a treat. According to Animal Planet, in a documentary called Mermaids: The Body Found, mermaids are real. If you don’t believe them, watch this scary video. Real live mermaids! Oh wait, Animal Planet, that was a “mockumentary”? Screw you.

  • In other crazy news, some naked guy in Miami ate the face of another guy on a highway underpass. When the police tried to get him off, he growled. Some people think that a drug called “bath salts” was involved, but I think it’s zombies.

Hope you had a fantastic week!



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