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Photo Diaries: Easter in Bath

Hello, new feature! Every week I’ll be posting a few lovely photos I’ve taken in Photo Diaries. Each photo speaks for itself, showing what I’ve done and where I’ve been, but I may leave some commentary. This weekend, I went to Bath, England for Easter with my aunt.

2012 – Year in Review

2012 was a wonderful year. I became more active on this blog and I shouldered new responsibilities, relating to school, clubs and work. I was extremely busy in 2012, but I did enjoy the frenzy of it all.

How to Be Magical: Week 3 (Harry Potter Edition)

As many of you readers know, this weekend the final Harry Potter movie released in theaters everywhere. Thrilled as always to participate in yet another installment of the beautiful series, the screening was, however, quite bittersweet. I have been a Potterhead since I was nine or ten, and have watched the actors and characters grow […]

Thoughts on Homelessness

He was big, black, and he had a banging British accent. I was with the Girl Scouts and we were on our way to the Tube. The man tried to stop us, and asked us for change; naturally, we just continued on our way. Then, something made me laugh. I don’t remember what it was. […]