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What I Learned From Blogging For a Job (Or How Treating Your Personal Blog as Work Can Increase Productivity)

In my last post, I talked honestly about my problem with procrastination in updating my personal blog. However, do not think because of that post that I am terrible at writing blog posts.

2012 – Year in Review

2012 was a wonderful year. I became more active on this blog and I shouldered new responsibilities, relating to school, clubs and work. I was extremely busy in 2012, but I did enjoy the frenzy of it all.

How to Nail an Awesome Internship

Ah, internships. How unreachable you seem to us college students, who just want an impressive resume! How you make us jealous of our peers, who seem to have the perfect one!

Read my latest for The NorthºEast Independent

Over the weekend, I attended the 50th Annual Wickford Art Festival – twice. On Saturday, I shadowed North Kingstown police captain Steven St. Onge, who patrolled the busy streets, engaging in conversation with passerby and serving as a reminder of the town’s safety. On Sunday, I returned with my family, including my aunt, and saw […]