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Love Your Body & Gain Confidence

This is a guest post by Hillary of Chic en Chocolat, a good friend of mine at Wheaton. Enjoy! For most women in society today, complete body confidence is something that we aspire to have. We want to look in the mirror and love what we see. To look at ourselves, and to see absolutely […]

Friday Jamboree: Books, Broads, and Best Friends

Hi everyone. This week has been amazing for me; I’ve been able to become more immersed in the newsmaking process at the NorthEast Independent, and I started my paying job at Subway again. Things are looking up. I hope your week was great, too. Here are some great links to keep you going! It’s Best […]

Review: Metronomy at Brighton Music Hall in Boston

I couldn’t stop smiling after Metronomy’s concert. Even though I’m a new fan, I couldn’t help falling in love with them when they performed on stage. Listening to the English Riviera on my iTunes, I wasn’t sure whether they would translate well live. Well, they certainly did! I stood on the right side of the […]