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What I Wore: Beavertail Edition (7/14/12)

The waves crashed on the rocks, and the lighthouse blared recognition at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown. I smiled – and smiled and smiled – as a camera lens floated around me. The photographer, Heather Herb, told me to rest my head on my hand, to turn my head towards her and to pose pretty. […]

10 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room on a Budget

As younger students pack their backpacks, older students pack their belongings, stuffing clothes in suitcases, toiletries in bins and office supplies in containers. Instead of boarding the school bus, waving to their parents from the windows, they travel to a place of four-story buildings and white cathedrals, kissing their parents goodbye and knowing that they […]

Love Your Body & Gain Confidence

This is a guest post by Hillary of Chic en Chocolat, a good friend of mine at Wheaton. Enjoy! For most women in society today, complete body confidence is something that we aspire to have. We want to look in the mirror and love what we see. To look at ourselves, and to see absolutely […]

Friday Jamboree: Amelia Earhart and Magical Thinking

This week was all about reading, writing, interviewing, working, and traveling (not long distances!) for me. Hullabaloo all around. I interviewed an Air Force Pilot for the NorthEast Independent; my first byline in a paper other than my college newspaper’s printed today. Of course, my dad laminated the page. I also interviewed North Kingstown High […]

What I Wore: Mad Men Edition (6/12/12)

Today was Mad Men day at work. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going to the office; instead, I had a one-on-one planeside interview with an air force pilot who will be performing in this weekend’s Rhode Island Air Show. I then wrote a short article and submitted it to my editor; it will show in […]