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Love Your Body & Gain Confidence

This is a guest post by Hillary of Chic en Chocolat, a good friend of mine at Wheaton. Enjoy! For most women in society today, complete body confidence is something that we aspire to have. We want to look in the mirror and love what we see. To look at ourselves, and to see absolutely […]


Friday Jamboree: Optimism, Writing & Passion!

Hello, and happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July festivities on Wednesday as much as I did. My week has been full of work, work, work, but luckily I’ve been doing a lot more for the paper – writing articles, obituaries, briefs, using Photoshop for photos and even copy-editing for the […]

Gratitude for America & Independence Day Playlist

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Okay, I have to make a confession: I’m not overly patriotic. I’m not a history buff. The most I do on the Fourth of July is wear red, white and blue and try to make it to the town’s firework display – and this year, thanks to Subway, I couldn’t even do that. […]

Friday Jamboree: Health Care and Pixar

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Technically, it’s Saturday, but I’m staying up to share these wonderful links with you! This week, long days finally caught up to me. I turned on the shower head Thursday morning and sprayed myself in the face. I got short with someone I was working with at Subway. I even […]

So You’re an Intern. Now What?

Three weeks ago, I nervously walked into a hillside glass building in Newport. Clutching a pen and a planner, I opened the door to the Newport Daily News’ atrium. It was not easy, opening that door. I was anxious, yes, but you have to understand. It was a really heavy door. After prying the first […]