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Photo Diaries: Easter in Bath

Hello, new feature! Every week I’ll be posting a few lovely photos I’ve taken in Photo Diaries. Each photo speaks for itself, showing what I’ve done and where I’ve been, but I may leave some commentary. This weekend, I went to Bath, England for Easter with my aunt. Advertisements

London: Greenwich and South Kensington

Well, let’s get started, then! I live in the borough of South Kensington, which is part of London, but not the City of London. (Confusing, right?) It’s a very posh area of the city, and I’m really lucky to live here. It’s also right next to Imperial College, and I’m hoping to join a choir

A Very Boston Day in Instagram

On Saturday, I ventured to Boston with my Mom to shop at Newbury St. We ended up walking all across the street and more, to Kenmore and Arlington. We passed by the Pride Parade and met up with my friend Sindhuja and her friend, Cory. It was a great day! I wish I took more […]