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Rick Britto an “Invaluable Resource” at Wheaton College

The below is a profile article I wrote for my Journalism class last semester about jazz band director Rick Britto, who recently passed away from a sudden heart attack at 57. The article shows that he will be sorely missed at Wheaton.

This Week’s Articles: Janice Wray & The RIMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble

Hello! Interested in my latest articles for the paper? You may be interested to know that next week is my last full week interning at Independent newspapers. So sad to go! I’ve developed a routine here, seeing the same faces every day and writing, two, three stories in a day.

All About Beisel, Self Storage & Dog Poop!

This week, I was busy writing, writing, writing. As always, it’s so great to see all my articles in print. Especially this week – I broke a record! Three of my articles feature in the papers today, and one of them is front page above the fold! I wrote about Elizabeth Beisel,

TWO articles in ONE day!

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: New articles are out in your favorite newspapers! This week, I wrote about Brian Guadagno, who, in his early thirties, formed a new line of organic, chemical-free sunscreen. He has been a lifeguard at the Narragansett Town Beach for 17 years, and continues to love both lines […]

Read my latest for The NorthºEast Independent

Over the weekend, I attended the 50th Annual Wickford Art Festival – twice. On Saturday, I shadowed North Kingstown police captain Steven St. Onge, who patrolled the busy streets, engaging in conversation with passerby and serving as a reminder of the town’s safety. On Sunday, I returned with my family, including my aunt, and saw […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Killed Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – pop culture symbol, sex offender, and legend – died in his bed on June 25th, 2009, due to a drug overdose, specifically acute propofol intoxication. Recently, an investigation of the King of Pop’s personal physician Doctor Conrad Murray has been underway to examine his involvement in Jackson’s death. Last week on November […]