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How to Suck at Updating Your Blog

In honor of my dismal behavior these past few months, I have compiled a simple “How To” that would rival any posts from Problogger. Are you a blogger who wants to suck at updating? Then this is the post for you.

How to Write Your Own Recommendation Letter

In August, when I left my three-year summer job at Subway Restaurants, I asked my boss for a recommendation letter. With three young kids, a loud wife and disgruntled employees to handle, he told me to write it myself. “Just give it to me and I’ll sign it,” he said.

How to Nail an Awesome Internship

Ah, internships. How unreachable you seem to us college students, who just want an impressive resume! How you make us jealous of our peers, who seem to have the perfect one!

10 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room on a Budget

As younger students pack their backpacks, older students pack their belongings, stuffing clothes in suitcases, toiletries in bins and office supplies in containers. Instead of boarding the school bus, waving to their parents from the windows, they travel to a place of four-story buildings and white cathedrals, kissing their parents goodbye and knowing that they […]

So You’re an Intern. Now What?

Three weeks ago, I nervously walked into a hillside glass building in Newport. Clutching a pen and a planner, I opened the door to the Newport Daily News’ atrium. It was not easy, opening that door. I was anxious, yes, but you have to understand. It was a really heavy door. After prying the first […]

How to Decide: The Know Yourself Edition

Recently, Sarah Wilson wrote about indecision. Once I read the first few paragraphs, I couldn’t stop; she was me, I was her! (And we are all together!) Below is my own experience with indecision, including stories of roommates, Mom and Dad, and self-worth. I’ve always been indecisive. I’d waffle around the house for days, wondering […]