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Madonna: A Great Fit for the Superbowl

I don’t know how to classify Madonna’s half-time show. Was it totally innovative or completely over-the-top? Even though Madonna, at 53, is older than the Superbowl itself, I think she brought as much spunk as any other half-time performer. While Reddit and Twitter exploded with suspicions of lip-synching, I watched, amazed, as the performance unfurled. […]

The Blend’s Murdery Mystery Jam!

This weekend, Wheaton College’s only co-ed a capella group will be performing for your viewing and listening pleasure in the Chapel! The theme is Murder Mystery, so there will be a murder, and there will be a mystery, as promised. I play the struggling journalist willing to do anything for a good story. Exciting, right? Anyway, […]

The Northstar Session Review

  A band that harks back to the days of folk and rock ‘n’ roll, The Northstar Session is a musical combo full of optimistic energy. Their recent album, “Late Bloomer,” has received critical acclaim from Music Connection Magazine, the San Diego Troubadour, and Vintage Guitar Magazine. All agree that The Northstar Session provides an […]

Review: Metronomy at Brighton Music Hall in Boston

I couldn’t stop smiling after Metronomy’s concert. Even though I’m a new fan, I couldn’t help falling in love with them when they performed on stage. Listening to the English Riviera on my iTunes, I wasn’t sure whether they would translate well live. Well, they certainly did! I stood on the right side of the […]

50/50 is a “Cancer Comedy” None Should Miss

Heartbreakingly poignant and playfully humorous, 50/50 is a “cancer comedy” that transcends the line between knee-slapping comedy and meaningful drama. Additionally, 50/50 is an authentic rendition of executive producer and writer Will Reiser’s battle with cancer in his early twenties, and how he and his best friend Seth Rogen coped with the affliction. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, best known for his […]

Pan Am’s Pilot is On Air!

The girls of Pan Am On Sunday, September 25, ABC’s premiere of Pan Am took flight. That night, it rose above Desperate Housewives in ratings with a total of 10.9 million viewers. Obviously, viewers looked forward to a period show that concentrated less on advertising and more on adventure.  Pan Am takes place in the […]

Five Highlights from the Emmy’s

Jane Lynch hosted the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards After a two hour a capella rehearsal, a quick dinner of celery sticks and bread bowls, and the glories of Sunday night football (for those interested, the Pats won), I quickly flipped the channel on the large HDTV magically wired to satellite in my boyfriend’s upper campus […]