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Monday Jamboree: Apologies, Bon Iver, and Gay Rights

Hi everyone. First off, I want to apologize for not posting a Friday Jamboree last week. I’ll be honest, but I can’t promise that you haven’t heard this excuse before: I was busy. Maybe working two jobs is finally taking a toll on me. Anyway, this week I interviewed the ticket agents and crew members […]


Instant Movie Review: Melancholia (2011)

This is a new feature on this blog that reviews Netflix Instant Watch movies and sometimes TV shows. This post contains spoilers. But they are what you would expect from a movie like this.  Every so often a movie that is hilarious, uplifting, and lively will appear on Netflix, sometimes surprisingly meaningful, more often than […]

50/50 is a “Cancer Comedy” None Should Miss

Heartbreakingly poignant and playfully humorous, 50/50 is a “cancer comedy” that transcends the line between knee-slapping comedy and meaningful drama. Additionally, 50/50 is an authentic rendition of executive producer and writer Will Reiser’s battle with cancer in his early twenties, and how he and his best friend Seth Rogen coped with the affliction. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, best known for his […]

Movie Review: Larry Crowne

I see a lot of movies. And I have a lot of opinions. So the logical conclusion to these two statements is that I write reviews. Actually Allie is a really great place to showcase these reviews, so here goes! Last week my friend Sia and I walked into the movie theater and picked a […]