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More Love Than Hate in Boston

“A bomb just went off at the Boston Marathon,” my roommate said. I had been watching a TV show, and the rest of my roommates had also been on their computers, but Lauren happened to be watching her Twitter feed. From that point on, we were all glued to our feeds to find more information…

Friday Jamboree: Health Care and Pixar

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Technically, it’s Saturday, but I’m staying up to share these wonderful links with you! This week, long days finally caught up to me. I turned on the shower head Thursday morning and sprayed myself in the face. I got short with someone I was working with at Subway. I even […]

Monday Jamboree: Apologies, Bon Iver, and Gay Rights

Hi everyone. First off, I want to apologize for not posting a Friday Jamboree last week. I’ll be honest, but I can’t promise that you haven’t heard this excuse before: I was busy. Maybe working two jobs is finally taking a toll on me. Anyway, this week I interviewed the ticket agents and crew members […]