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What I Learned From Blogging For a Job (Or How Treating Your Personal Blog as Work Can Increase Productivity)

In my last post, I talked honestly about my problem with procrastination in updating my personal blog. However, do not think because of that post that I am terrible at writing blog posts.

How to Write Your Own Recommendation Letter

In August, when I left my three-year summer job at Subway Restaurants, I asked my boss for a recommendation letter. With three young kids, a loud wife and disgruntled employees to handle, he told me to write it myself. “Just give it to me and I’ll sign it,” he said.

How to Nail an Awesome Internship

Ah, internships. How unreachable you seem to us college students, who just want an impressive resume! How you make us jealous of our peers, who seem to have the perfect one!

So You’re an Intern. Now What?

Three weeks ago, I nervously walked into a hillside glass building in Newport. Clutching a pen and a planner, I opened the door to the Newport Daily News’ atrium. It was not easy, opening that door. I was anxious, yes, but you have to understand. It was a really heavy door. After prying the first […]