2012 – Year in Review

In the beginning of the year, The Blend welcomed two new members! We celebrated by becoming dinosaurs.

2012 was a wonderful year. I became more active on this blog and I shouldered new responsibilities, relating to school, clubs and work. I was extremely busy in 2012, but I did enjoy the frenzy of it all.

The Breakdown of 2012:

I started the year with a New Year’s resolution:

Now, though, I’m not really sure what “a balanced life” means. I made much more commitments this year than last, and I think I juggled it all successfully, but I can’t seem to find a way to measure this resolution at all. It seems like something I just threw out because I couldn’t think of a resolution. This year, though, my resolution is to lose 15 pounds by July. How’s that for specificity?

When school started in February, I roomed with my friend Carlie in Emerson House, the feminist dorm, and we strengthened our friendship. It was interesting to have a roommate who was already my friend; my first roommate and I were awkward around each other, though not unfriendly. Carlie and I made a great team, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon. 

Speaking of Carlie, in March she invited me and a few other girls to Long Island during spring break. We entertained ourselves by playing board games, piecing together puzzle pieces, lazing by the beach, and checking out the shops in the area. The guy at Vineyard Vines gave us some free stuff for being so unbelievably charming.

April was the time for recitals. I was taking credit lessons and I was also in three singing groups. If you want to see me singing “Summertime” at a recital, go here. The most fun part of April was attending BOSS, the a cappella festival in Boston, with a few friends. This of course fed my nerdy a cappella obsession. Sadly, I won’t be able to go this year — I’ll be abroad — but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it! (Besides, I get to attend the London A Cappella Festival while I’m abroad, so that makes up for it, right?)

The Dunjams and Dragons Jam swept up the Chapel late that month, and let me tell you, it was extremely epic. This shot is therefore applicable.

I also stayed at school for graduation and saw many lovely Blenders leave, as well as my boyfriend’s sister. It was a sad parting, but a beautiful day, and of course we’re all proud.

After school was over, I headed home for a new experience: an internship at the local paper, the NorthEast Independent. I also became more active on my blog, updating regularly with a new feature: Friday Jamboree. I watched the Olympics as a girl I grew up with, Elizabeth Beisel, won some shiny metals for America in swimming.

I was named Music Director of The Blend in May and spent the summer arranging fun goodies like “Some Nights” by .fun and “What I Wouldn’t Do” by A Fine Frenzy.

In July, I had my very first professional photoshoot. It came out amazing, though I wasn’t sure how to conduct myself for most of it. I smiled against the blazing sun and the harsh wind, continuously wondering where to place my hands, but no matter how self-conscious I was at the time, the photos came out great thanks to Herb Photography.

In August, I finally quit Subway, where I’d been working summers for three years. No more! In sadder news, I attended the funeral of a great jazz professor at Wheaton College, Rick Britto. He was a great influence on me and moreso on my boyfriend, an alto saxophonist. I wrote a piece about him here.

I moved back to Wheaton in September, and started a new job at The Sun Chronicle: a paid position as an Editorial Assistant. I wrote briefs, laid out pages, compiled copies and proofread, among other tasks. It was a great learning experience and I hope to work there again.

I also attended my cousin’s wedding in Virginia — my first wedding that I can remember. She looked beautiful; in fact, the whole wedding was beautiful. I can’t imagine the amount of preparation that went into it. I was just pleased to be there.

In October, I turned 20! On the night of my birthday, there was a presidential debate, which I paid close attention to because of my Poli Sci class. I tweeted up a storm.

In a cappella news, The Blend performed at a Drag Show, and we also released our first professional CD, Press to Puree! A lot of preparation went into recording, editing, mastering, ordering, and organizing the production of these CDs; when it was over, we all breathed a sigh of relief, and had a beautiful album to show for it. If you’re interested in buying a disc, email theblendwheaton@gmail.com.

The biggest news for me, though, was that I was accepted to Boston University’s study abroad program: London Internships! I’ll be taking academic classes and working an internship while I’m in London next semester, and for the last two months, I’ve been reading up on the literature surrounding the program.

I was glad when December rolled around and I completed my finals. The Blend also performed our PBS Jam, which was fantastic! As you can see, I was Big Bird. Those feet were absolutely perfect (even though I may have shook them out a bit too much before performing!).

Posts Wrap-Up

Well, a Year in Review post wouldn’t be complete without a run-down of the most read and my most favorite posts for the year of 2012, would it?

Most Read Posts

A few of my posts garnered a lot of reception from you lot reading. Here’s some of your favorites:

Actually Allie’s Favorites

And here are some of my favorites from this year:

I’ll update here with all my tips for London goodies and any photos I may have taken of trips on the way. Tata, and have a wonderful ’13!



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