1. My experience was pretty similar actually! I’m 21 and I’ve had largely positive experiences of men. I distanced myself from the term a bit because I thought that feminists were angry or ‘strident’ or overly confrontational – it was actually an English teacher of mine that made me realise that it wasn’t a negative label! I have pretty much always been a feminist – it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s seemed like a logical thing to call myself.

    1. Strident – that’s a good word. And go English teachers! Did she teach a class about feminism or have a specific section about it? How did the topic come up?

      Nice to be able to relate with another feminist who didn’t know she was a feminist! haha

      1. I think the module we were studying at the time had something to do with so-called ‘women’s language’ or gender-specific language or something. It was a pretty small class and made up of only girls so we all got to know her pretty well and she talked about her life a lot – she was awesome!

        Same here – makes me want to tell people they’re secretly feminists, haha. I try not to though – best to let people figure it out for themselves!

      2. Cool! English teachers are pretty awesome most of the time, haha.

        I know how you feel! I bite my tongue sometimes because I’m worried that if I claim that I know someone is a feminist, he or she will fight back the notion. That’s why I colored this article with my experiences, instead of writing in the second-person.

        If I wanted to be more controversial, I could write an article like this one.

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