Friday Jamboree: Snark & The Myth of “Having it All”

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Image via Pomegranacat. So damn cute!

Happy Friday, everyone! Woah, this is the first time in a while that I’ve actually posted this Friday Jamboree on time. Congratulations to me! And congratulations to you for stumbling upon these lovely links. This week is all about blogging tips, cynicism and awesome online magazines.

Let’s get going, then, shall we?

  • We’ll start off the jamboree with a link to some good advice about well, doing good. Always. (P.S. I kind of love the design on this site. Definitely adding it to my Google Reader!)
  • Here’s some awesome, tough love blogging advice from Rock N’ Roll Bride. Love the way she presented her tips, especially with those fierce pictures. Will definitely be taking her advice to heart, especially this:

    The lesson all sucessful bloggers want to teach is ‘be yourself’. It’s vital for you to have your own ideas, your own opinion and your own way of sharing them. If there is another blogger doing the same thing as you, only better, then why would anyone want to follow your blog as well? You need to share a new perspective.

  • I giggled while reading Colson Whitehead’s How to Write.
  • My boyfriend and I perused this article about the 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English. Most of them were obvious – surely everyone knows to say “Arctic” and not “Artic” – but some of them were less so. I learned something new when I read that you stamp your feet, not stomp them… And then I used the word in an article for the paper!
  • How often do you check your e-mail, and how many do you respond to in a day? According to Nick Bilton, life’s too short for so much e-mail. Instead, use Twitter, Gchat, or Facebook for quick messages that don’t always require replies!
  • Advice of the week right here: How to Stop that Snarky Voice In Your Head from Killing Your Productivity… And, might I add, your relationships. What an informative article, with advice on keeping your mind open and free of snark that drains your passion, makes you prejudicial and erodes the foundations of democratic society. Listening now? Check it out!
  • And here’s the most concise advice of the week, courtesy of The Middle Finger Project, in six words.
  • I never know what to expect from Susannah Breslin. I almost didn’t read this article because I thought it would be another re-hash of a popular how to topic. However, it turned out to be autobiographical and truth-revealing.

    That’s why we read these things, these endless listicles of advice,” she writes. “Maybe, just maybe, one day, when you’re clicking you’ll find the answer. Or maybe you won’t. Or maybe there isn’t one. Or maybe you just keep going.

  • Holy online teen magazine! Rookie has gotten so much press since its founder, Tari Gevinson, was featured in the New York Times. I’m looking through the many articles as we speak!
  • What makes readers lose interest in a blog? Amy knows!
  • And we’ll end this list with an article about the myth of “having it all.”Instead of yearning for some far-away, barely recognizable and hard-to-define euphoria and utopia, Marie Myung-Ok Lee says that instead we should be grateful for what we do have. Beautiful.

What were your favorite links this week, and what are your responses to the links above? Comment below!



  1. Whoever pronounces some of those words wrong was probably dropped on a rock when they were a kid.

  2. Yeah… most of them are pretty dumb.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a good idea, paragraph is nice, thats why i have read
    it entirely


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