What I Wore: Beavertail Edition (7/14/12)


The waves crashed on the rocks, and the lighthouse blared recognition at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown. I smiled – and smiled and smiled – as a camera lens floated around me. The photographer, Heather Herb, told me to rest my head on my hand, to turn my head towards her and to pose pretty.

That’s right, everyone. I had my first photoshoot! It was a fantastic experience, and Heather helped me along the way. No matter how many times I said, “I’m no model!” she still treated me like one. It was refreshing to primp myself and rewarding to see the pictures after the editing.

Photoshoot Beavertail

  • Blouse from Forever 21
  • Skirt from J. Crew
  • Shoes from Charlotte Russe
  • Earrings from Bermuda, baby
  • Necklace from my Aunt Kakie

Beavertail Photoshoot

Have you ever had a photoshoot? How did it go? And what do you think of Herb Photography’s beautiful photos? Let me know in the comments! 


One comment

  1. […] July, I had my very first professional photoshoot. It came out amazing, though I wasn’t sure how to conduct myself for most of it. I smiled […]


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