TWO articles in ONE day!

Brian Guadagno, Sunscreen Entrepreneur

Narragansett Town Beach lifeguards Megan Bresnahan, 19, or Exeter, Brian Guadagno, 33, of Narragansett, and Rebecca Nunez, 17, of East Greenwich apply Raw Elements sunscreen during their shift. Guadagno created the organic chemical-free sunscreen.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means:

New articles are out in your favorite newspapers!

This week, I wrote about Brian Guadagno, who, in his early thirties, formed a new line of organic, chemical-free sunscreen. He has been a lifeguard at the Narragansett Town Beach for 17 years, and continues to love both lines of work. The article and picture were printed on the front page of the South County Independent, above the fold. If you’re in the area, pick up a paper, and you’ll see my name on the cover! If not, just read the article at the link above!

I also wrote about a Zoning Board of Review hearing in North Kingstown, in which the Historic District Commission of Wickford decided that renovations to a historic houseĀ had in fact changed the character of that house. This article was printed in the NorthEast Independent. Not my usual feature article, but it was interesting to attend a public hearing!

Thanks, as always, for reading!



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