Love Your Body & Gain Confidence


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This is a guest post by Hillary of Chic en Chocolat, a good friend of mine at Wheaton. Enjoy!

For most women in society today, complete body confidence is something that we aspire to have. We want to look in the mirror and love what we see. To look at ourselves, and to see absolutely no imperfections. However, we are asking for the impossible. It has been said a million times: nobody is perfect. And this 100% applies to our self-image.

It’s incredible how much our society’s image of the perfect woman’s body has shifted over time. If we look to paintings from centuries past, we can see that the paradigm of the female body was a more rubenesque, hourglass figure. More meat on your bones meant your family was wealthy and could provide you with enough sustenance.

However, nowadays we have an almost unlimited supply of food at our fingertips every single day. That scarcity of good food no longer applies to the majority of our society. Therefore, the idea of the perfect body has changed. Now our paradigm has shifted to the image of the stick-thin and the super-skinny. And, for most of us, that idealistic body is nearly impossible to obtain.

What we have to learn to understand is that even though most of us look to those model-types as images of perfection, they do not solely represent what is beautiful. If you stop and think about all the different body types there are for women, you realize how much variety there is. And if you strive for that superskinny frame, you will most likely cross into very dangerous territory to the point where it becomes detrimental to your health and well-being. Think about this: would you rather be super-skinny and be sickly and unhappy, or would you rather be healthy, fit, and happy? I think we’d all go for the latter.

We always strive to fix things about ourselves – things that we believe to be unattractive and unflattering. However, there is a vicious cycle that takes place once you enter into this mindset. Keep this in mind: No matter what you do to your body, whether it be extreme weightloss, plastic surgery, or whatever, you will never fully satisfy your own standard of perfection. As human beings, we are always wanting more and wanting what is better. Therefore, we will continuously strive for this image of perfection, ignorant of the fact that when we finally do reach our goals, we will still feel insecure and will somehow, someway find something about ourselves that we do not like.

Depressing, isn’t it? Well, there is one way to counteract all of this mental wish-wash. Something that we should all take a little dose of once in a while. Pride. Yes, it may be one of those seven deadly sins, but sometimes, for our own sanity, it is good to take a little pride in something about ourselves and our bodies. Maybe you embrace your smaller bust, your gorgeously curvaceous hips, or even your amazing bootie! But all in all, just take a few minutes each day, standing in front of a mirror in your bathroom, and give yourself a little praise. You definitely deserve it, gorgeous! I mean look at you, right?

Hillary of Chic en Chocolat Hillary is a 20-year-old college student from Massachusetts studying art history and studio art. She blogs at Chic en Chocolat, expressing her love for fashion and everything sweet. Follow her on Twitter, and like her on Facebook!


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