Friday Jamboree: Health Care and Pixar


Image by photography Pascal Perich.

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Technically, it’s Saturday, but I’m staying up to share these wonderful links with you! This week, long days finally caught up to me. I turned on the shower head Thursday morning and sprayed myself in the face. I got short with someone I was working with at Subway. I even had to drive home at night with no lights on in or out of my car! It was stressful, to say the least, and I’m so glad that this week is over, and know that next week, I’ll be better at paying attention to my surroundings and handling the amount of work I have.

I’m so excited to be sharing these links with you. In the past five days, they’ve really added up, and I’ve been favoriting lots of posts in my Google Reader. Let’s get going!

    • First, check out Pascal Perich’s photography work, featured above. I love it! All of his portraits are very compelling.
    • Were you a 90s kid, like me? Then here are some shocking revelations about your favorite childhood shows. Watch the last video, especially!
    • German designer Markus Gerke has plans to create instaglasses, glasses that contain Instagram filters. Huh? Is this cool, or too much? Instagram is everywhere!
    • Susannah Breslin shows you how to change your life in 5 steps. Good advice! Easier said than done, though.
    • These 21 pictures will restore your faith in humanity. Seriously, you may find yourself tearing up. It’s worth a look.
    • Chris Guillebeau tells you to focus on your achievements, and appreciate the “Wow!” moments in life.
    • I want this Moleskine Reporter Bag! Journalist eye candy, for sure.
    • Ever wondered how Pixar creates such amazing stories? Now you know!
    • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the health care law that the Supreme Court recently passed. I’m still working on forming an opinion about it – a little more research, and I’ll be there – but what do you guys think?
    • If you have your own blog, this minimalist image may help you create the perfect blog post! Of course, formulas won’t always help you – content matters, too!
    • Do we fetish our times offline? Nathan Jurgenson in The IRL Fetish thinks so! Very interesting read. Here’s a preview:

      One of our new hobbies is patting ourselves on the back by demonstrating how much we don’t go on Facebook. People boast about not having a profile. We have started to congratulate ourselves for keeping our phones in our pockets and fetishizing the offline as something more real to be nostalgic for. While the offline is said be increasingly difficult to access, it is simultaneously easily obtained — if, of course, you are the “right” type of person.

    • Lastly, check out this chromatic typewriter! Pretty, don’t you think?

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you guys had an awesome week. Share your opinions on the links above in the comment section below!



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