What I Wore: Mad Men Edition (6/12/12)

Today was Mad Men day at work. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going to the office; instead, I had a one-on-one planeside interview with an air force pilot who will be performing in this weekend’s Rhode Island Air Show. I then wrote a short article and submitted it to my editor; it will show in tomorrow’s NorthEast Independent paper.

However, I still made time to show off my Mad Men outfit. Thanks to advice from Brian Jencunas, I was able to pull together something worthy of the 60s era. Enjoy!

  • Blouse from Forever 21
  • Skirt from Forever 21
  • Blazer from Macy’s
  • Necklace from Forever 21
  • Sunglasses from Newbury Comics

Pretty much everything from Forever 21.

I’ve started using Picasa to edit my photos at home. It’s much easier than re-downloading the Photoshop trial. Although it doesn’t have Selective Color, or Curves, it does have Redeye, Text, and light and color temperature widgets, as well as a plethora of fancy filters like the one above that help make the photo look better. Perfect for people looking for simplicity!

What would you have worn on Mad Men day?  Where do you get your clothes? 



  1. LOVE. MAD. MEN. STYLE. Banana Republic had a collection a while back inspired by the new season’s release. The 60s is my favorite fashion decade by far. 🙂

    1. I love it, too! And Brian gave me pretty great advice (no tights, just nylons! no button-up blouses!) I enjoyed wearing it, too. Love Banana Republic, but Forever 21 is more in my price range haha~


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