Friday Jamboree: Books, Broads, and Best Friends

Best Friends

Me, Sia, & Kyle. Best friends!

Hi everyone. This week has been amazing for me; I’ve been able to become more immersed in the newsmaking process at the NorthEast Independent, and I started my paying job at Subway again. Things are looking up. I hope your week was great, too. Here are some great links to keep you going!

  • It’s Best Friend’s Day! Give your best bud a pat on the back… or something.
  • Over at Gumdrop Lane, Laura Kadner is taking June to better herself in her vlog, “30 Days of Perfection.” She looks like she’s having a lot of fun. Check it out!
  • Just some reaffirmationfrom Gala Darling! Perfect for the summer months. Remember this, everyone!
  • I am so so so excited for the remake of the movie, The Great Gatsby. This article shows the trailer and shows viewers what they can gather from it.
  • I’ve been watching this TV show Girls and it’s absolutely fantastic. I don’t even live in New York – I’m not even in my twenties! – and I love it. You should watch it. & If you don’t have HBO… find a way.
  • 6 Things You Should Stop Posting on Your Facebook. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • I Am That Girl always has the best articles. Alexis Jones wrote about waiting for love in Enchanted to Meet You.
  • I just finished the book, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. You should pick this one up. I’m usually not one for campus books, but if the author of Looking for Alaska wrote it, hell yeah I’m going to read it. What a bittersweet book.
  • Does anyone else have a problem negotiating what you want? Well, no more! Susannah Breslin wrote about how to be a better negotiator. Thanks for the tips!Love you all! Have a great week!


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