Madonna: A Great Fit for the Superbowl

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I don’t know how to classify Madonna’s half-time show. Was it totally innovative or completely over-the-top? Even though Madonna, at 53, is older than the Superbowl itself, I think she brought as much spunk as any other half-time performer.

While Reddit and Twitter exploded with suspicions of lip-synching, I watched, amazed, as the performance unfurled. From a Troy-esque beginning in which Madonna emerged from a cocoon of feathers vaguely reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s egg, to a cheerleading segment with Nicki Minaj and MIA, to Cee Lo Green’s giant gospel choir (which to me, looked like a sea of penguins), I think the half-time show covered all its bases: amazement, fun, and intrigue.

The visual effects on the field and stage also added to the performance’s impressiveness. Madonna’s dancers back-flipped and somersaulted on an ever-changing stage. 3D images of speakers flew into the sky, and later the stage seemed to fall away into a black hole.

As always, though, there were a few slip-ups worth mentioning. NBC failed to block the image of a cheerleader who flipped off the camera. Nicki Minaj’s performance was drab at best, sadly. Madonna’s dancers completely overshadowed her; in fact, she needed their help in order to perform a decent cartwheel. And did you see the guy on the tightrope? His moves were amazing!

The show’s ending was the most surprising, however. When the lights on the stage dimmed, and the glows of phones in the stands flickered, the field lit up with two simple words: World Peace. It was random and therefore humorous, yes, but the message broadcast to everyone watching.

Madonna’s half-time show made a huge impact, and, whether for positive or  negative reasons, people will be talking about this one for a long time.



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