Review: Metronomy at Brighton Music Hall in Boston

With Oscar Cash and Joshua Mount of Metronomy

I couldn’t stop smiling after Metronomy’s concert. Even though I’m a new fan, I couldn’t help falling in love with them when they performed on stage. Listening to the English Riviera on my iTunes, I wasn’t sure whether they would translate well live. Well, they certainly did! I stood on the right side of the stage, and I had a perfect view of bassist Gbenga Adeleka, who has impeccable style and owned the stage, guitarist and keyboardist Joseph Mount, whose friendliness to the Boston residents was much appreciated, and keyboardist and saxophonist Oscar Cash, who pivoted around the stage and made each song his own. I couldn’t see the drummer, but I know from what I heard that Anna Prior is amazing. The guys that I was with labeled her as “the sexiest drummer,” so there you have it . I for one developed a small crush on Oscar Cash, but that’s just me!

Each member of the band had what looked like a surgical mask on the breast plate, and when they came out, I wondered what they were for. After the first song started, it became apparent: these masks lighted up with the beat! Whoever’s idea this was, thank you. Perfect for getting the audience’s attention and inciting more people to move with the beat. I was grooving along like any good fan thanks to the beats of Anna Prior and these light-up surgical masks.

Best of all, though, was that the band was willing to speak to anyone after the show, if you were willing to wait for them. Only Joseph Mount and Oscar Cash came out, but that was all I needed to transform into a giggly fan-girl. Luckily my friend Alex kept up the conversation, while I just peeped out, “My name’s Allie!” They were even friendly enough to let us take a picture with them.

Overall, Metronomy’s performance was one that leaves you breathless, and excited to renew your passion for them ASAP. In my opinion, that’s what every great concert should do.



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