How to Be Magical: Week Four


1. Reunite with friends. Yesterday I reunited with a couple friends from college, Eric and Adam. It was so fun! We took Eric on a “road trip” around Rhode Island and went to a couple beaches and then we went to Buca for dinner. It felt so comfortable to be around the people I spent the last year with.

2. Plan a trip. I just, just, just got back from Block Island with my friend Courtney and it was a blast! Minus the 100 degree weather, though. We were in the water for most of the day, luckily, and it was so much fun. Definitely plan how much money you will need for transportation and food and shopping and whatever other fun things you want to do, and then just go!

3. Count down. Are you looking forward to something? Count down the days until that something happens! Keep a calendar (I refer to my phone calendar) and cross off the days. You’ll be surprised how quickly time flies!

4. Moisturize. And use sunscreen! This is especially important for hot days like today, when your face gets easily sunburned from the sweltering heat.

5. Drink water. You might think – how is this magical, Actually Allie? Well, here’s the deal: drinking water is great for your body, helps you lose weight, and keeps you healthy overall. Drink 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses a day and you’ll be feeling fine! Milk is also good for you (strong bones!)

6. Go window shopping. I can’t describe how much I love to window shop. Basically, look at a store from afar, decide you might want to go in, and possibly do enter if what’s in the window appeases you. No questions asked! Yesterday we went to Wickford, and I ended up buying something – a silver opal ring – and today, in Block Island, I found so many cool, inspiring clothes and jewelry and tidbits. From just looking around!

7. Toy with the idea of doing something big. Do you want to write a book? Start today! Do you want to get a tattoo? Make sure you know what you want and just do it already! This week I’m getting my hair highlighted (auburn/red highlights) and cut and styled, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Will definitely post pictures!

Let me know how you plan to be magical this week in the comments below~



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