How to Be Magical: Week 2

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Happy Friday everyone!

Here is this week’s installment of How to Be Magical!

Also, quick note: I am moving my Weekly Five Faves to Sunday, as that is the (technical) beginning of the week! However, Fridays are still magical!

  1. Be affirmative. Affirmative being the opposite of wishy-washy, indecisive, and apathetic. Take control of your actions, and take responsibility for the words that fall from your mouth! Everything you do should be done with complete respect for yourself and absolute pride for having the ganas to do it at all! This magical tipcomes from my boyfriend, Tommy, who reminds me assertively every day how much he loves me!
  2. Finish a long book. My friend Marriah, a friend with whom I recently celebrated the Fourth of July, just finished War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I believe she said that there were 1309 pages. She has been working on this book for an entire year, ladies and gentlemen, and she must feel extremely proud of herself for finally flipping that last page. Such accomplishments are amazing! We should all take a leaf out of Marriah’s book (bad pun alert!) and follow suit, because she is just so inspiring!
  3. Do something every day. One blog on my GoogleReader is The Happiness Projectby Gretchen Rubin. This woman dedicates her time to finding happiness in her everyday life, and encourageseveryone to join her! Her book, also called The Happiness Project, is a New York Times best seller (and on my reading list!) Her videos are so inspiring, and this week’s says to do something every day. My goal is to write, whether on my laptop or in a Moleskine journal I carry around with me! What’s yours?
  4. Go to the beach. Get a tan and live a little. This Tuesday I caught up with my high school friend Kelsey at the beach. Time flew! We talked about college drama, sharing stories about this girl and that boy, and before we knew it it was 2:00! We of course had to swim in those refreshing waters, and before we knew it we were boogie boarding down some gnarly waves! We read for a little, snacked and tanned, and now I have a sun burn to prove it! The trip was totally worth it, and I’m considering doing it all over again next week.
  5. Reward yourself. Whenever people set goals for themselves, they always forget one crucial thing: Reward yourself! Everyone deserves a break every once in a while, and allowing yourself an extra cup of coffee one day certainly won’t sabotage your self-esteem.
  6. Write.As I mentioned earlier in this post, this is my everyday goal. But if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, everyday scribbling is probably not your thing. Regardless, though, try it out! Just keep your thoughts written down whenever you feel like it (you don’t need a regimen like I have). What I like about writing is how effortless it is, especially when you’re writing for yourself. Also, if you are in fact a writer, read your old diary or journal entries for some quick nostalgia!
  7. Go to the gym. This morning I went to the gym with my aunt for the first time at L.A. Fitness. It was be the first time in a week or so that I’ve gone to the gym, and I felt the burn! I also feel a lot better about myself in general. Exercise generates endorphins (happiness & bliss!) into your brain, and exercising with others in a great atmosphere is great for your psychological health! I’m working on an article about my workout habits, which will be published really soon!

What are some of your tips to being magical? Comment here and let me know, and I’ll include you and your ideas in my post!



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