Living a Life Inspired – An Interview with Jared Mahone

Allow me to present Jared Mahone – a talented, determined songwriter and solid beat-boxer. In addition to a plethora of soulful, groovy pop songs, this talented singer has a few one-of-a-kind tricks up his sleeves. His unique way of meshing together his own beat, pressing his mouth to the microphone and recording the sound, and his own harmonies sets him apart from other songwriters today. “It’s just pop,” says Jared Mahone, but in reality, his music is so much more. On top of all that, the Columbus, Ohio musician has a wonderful personality: he was very approachable and he passed out chocolate chip cookies before the show began.

As Jared Mahone’s slow tunes swept over the Atrium, audience members bobbed their heads, snapped their fingers, or clapped their hands to the funk beats. Songs such as “Best of My Love” by the Eagles and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder featured, while a quiet rendition of “Part of Your World” by Little Mermaid incited giggles in the crowd. After playing these covers, Mahone introduced his own songs, and a project he’s been working on and continues to work on until May: The Mixed Tape Project.

“On January 1 I released the first song, called Mixed Tape,” says Mahone, “I was writing a song a week for a whole year.” His intention was to further his music experience, to challenge himself in writing new songs, as he harbors a “growing love of writing.” What the project turned into, however, was a combined effort, a “community of people who were encouraging, inspiring. And they became a part of the journey, part of the creative process.” The Mixed Tape Project, a $20 subscription of Mahone’s website (, includes 52 original songs and input into the album that he will start recording in May. The digital copy of that album will be available free to those subscribed.

Above all, Mahone’s main goal is to “live a life inspired.” He wants to live life to the fullest, not conforming to others’ expectations, not striving for happiness or satisfaction, but becoming a “part of the progression of something.” Mahone says, “I want to do something – something real, something that connects.” Although he didn’t know when he began to sing and write music (at a very young age, as he was surrounded by a family of musicians) that he would be enjoying the support and security that his now steady career offers him, he now knows that he “absolutely wants to live a life that is about music.” And what’s more inspiring than living your life doing something you love?

Check out Jared Mahone’s EP on iTunes, and search for his Mixed Tape Project on In the meantime, wish him luck on his endeavors as he lives inspired, also inspiring all around him.

This was an article I wrote for the Wheaton College newspaper, the Wire. Listen to Jared Mahone and let me know what you think! 



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