How to Be Magical: Week 1

From Luminous Lu on Flickr

Every Friday I will be posting 7 steps here to infuse your life with more magic! If you inspire to change your life, manifest a new destiny for yourself, and to become more contagiously magical, follow these steps & you’ll be on your way!

1. Wear a hat. I used to hate hats. Seriously, I hated them with a passion – almost as much as I hated the color pink – when I was a child. Nowadays, however, I like to wear big straw hats or wool berets. The truth of the matter is that hats make you more confident, as it makes people stop and stare. Try it!

2. Keep a dream diary. And read it every evening before you go to sleep. Your subconscious is working hard to remind you how wonderfully magical you really are; don’t disregard the voice in your head!

3. Smile. Science has proven that facial expressions affect your mood. Rather than pouting all day, try wearing a smile! As they say, grin and bear it. Your brain will thank you!

4. Get a pedicure. I just got my nails painted yesterday, and truly, it makes you feel like a magical princess! The added back massage is a plus, too~

5. Go for a walk outside. Exercise moves your body, but it also moves your brain. Great ideas come to you while you’re taking a solitary walk around the neighborhood. Your next book idea? Your next project idea? Your next blog idea?? Who knows what you’ll come up with!

6. Call a friend, just to chat. While living in the Internet age, friends feel more and more disconnected with each other – texting and instant messaging just aren’t emotionally fulfilling, and they’re not even that exciting anymore, either. If you miss talking and laughing with that certain someone, call them up!

7. Meditate. I’ve been meaning to make more time for this. I’m going to wake up 15 minutes earlier, and meditate until I have to get up. Clear your mind of all your worries, and cleanse yourself.

I’d love to hear what anyone else’s tips are to become more and more magical. Leave a reply & I’ll include your tips in next week’s post!

Ta-ta love,

~ Allie



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